Annuals & Perennials at Berlin's Greenhouses

At Berlin's Greenhouses, our garden center carries a large assortment of plants. We have beautiful annuals and perennials so your lawn is decorated nicely during any season. Our professional arborists have properly maintained each plant so it is healthy for its new abode.


Annual plants complete their life cycle in one year. They start from seeds to flowers to seeds, re-planting themselves for a new season. Towards the end of their growing season, they produce seeds, showing that their life cycle is complete. Annuals may seem bothersome for landscaping purposes, but in reality, they are great to have a long-lasting color wherever you’d like. They are used to add a splash of color during summer.


Perennials usually live up to two years. These plants bloom during spring and summer, then die every autumn and winter.  You can count on these plants to last longer than annual plants and reproduce more often. For perennials, if the climate is warmer, they will bloom even bigger.


We hope you visit Berlin's Greenhouses, located in Berwick, PA. We have a huge range of colorful annual and perennial flowers that can express your creativity.


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